Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Humphrey The Bear animated shorts

Some of my favorite Disney cartoons star Humphrey the Bear. He was first a supporting character in a Goofy cartoon “Hold That Pose.” Goofy was visiting a national park and wanted to take a picture of the bear. This was in 1950.

In the following years he appeared in 4 Donald Duck Cartoons: Rugged Bear in 1953, Grin and Bear It in 1954, and Bearly Asleep and Beezy Bear in 1955. The cartoons were so popular that Humphrey was given his own series in 1955. 2 films were made for this series, Hooked Bear and In The Bag. The only reason more films weren’t made was because Disney discontinued all of its theatrical short film series.

Humphrey lived in Brownstone National Park, he is a little like Yogi Bear in that he is always after food, but he doesn’t have a sidekick and he doesn’t really speak. He is also more panicky than Yogi and not as bright. But the series is very funny, too bad more films weren’t made.

In later years, when Disney was mining old material, Humphrey appeared in some episodes of various series on the Disney Channel and also starred in 3 shorts alongside Donald Duck or the Ranger. The titles were Donald’s Grizzly Guest, Donald’s Fish Fry and Hot Tub Humphrey.

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